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      fix: Remove invalid serviceName from s3-deployments template. · bee482d4
      Kaiwalya Joshi authored
      Remove `deployments.spec.serviceName` from the s3 deployment template.
      `serviceName` isn't a valid field and causes issues when deploying the
      This is the full output for `kubectl explain deployments.spec`
      KIND:     Deployment
      VERSION:  apps/v1
      RESOURCE: spec <Object>
           Specification of the desired behavior of the Deployment.
           DeploymentSpec is the specification of the desired behavior of the
         minReadySeconds      <integer>
           Minimum number of seconds for which a newly created pod should be ready
           without any of its container crashing, for it to be considered available.
           Defaults to 0 (pod will be considered available as soon as it is ready)
         paused       <boolean>
           Indicates that the deployment is paused.
         progressDeadlineSeconds      <integer>
           The maximum time in seconds for a deployment to make progress before it is
           considered to be failed. The deployment controller will continue to process
           failed deployments and a condition with a ProgressDeadlineExceeded reason
           will be surfaced in the deployment status. Note that progress will not be
           estimated during the time a deployment is paused. Defaults to 600s.
         replicas     <integer>
           Number of desired pods. This is a pointer to distinguish between explicit
           zero and not specified. Defaults to 1.
         revisionHistoryLimit <integer>
           The number of old ReplicaSets to retain to allow rollback. This is a
           pointer to distinguish between explicit zero and not specified. Defaults to
         selector     <Object> -required-
           Label selector for pods. Existing ReplicaSets whose pods are selected by
           this will be the ones affected by this deployment. It must match the pod
           template's labels.
         strategy     <Object>
           The deployment strategy to use to replace existing pods with new ones.
         template     <Object> -required-
           Template describes the pods that will be created.
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      hotfix_fsync fix fsync · 66747ee9
      tianzhang authored
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